New show Botox or Bust coming soon

Real Housewives of Codswallop will be returning so keep your eyes peeled, bling polished and the Prosecco handy

The Real Housewives Of Codswallop is a new and wacky spoof musical.

Noveau riche hostess with the mostess and all round social climber Majenta, has gone up in the world and it sure has gone to her head.  This Queen Bee from humble beginnings, now full of her own self importance, decides to hold a Botox party to keep up with the Jones, flaunt her wealth and status, oh and great big house. Frenemies old and new gather as an eager to impress Majenta holds court, but despite her salubrious surroundings and best efforts, old resentments simmer to boiling, mayhem ensues and knifemares and chaos reign. This group of “ladies” with too much cash and brash and a distinct lack of decorum, revel in well jel jibes, old rivalries and vengeful point scoring. Nothing is sacred and things go from bad to worse when an old acquaintance with an axe to grind joins the proceedings, determined to knock Majenta off her high and mighty pedestal.  Drama and antics are guaranteed in this totally daft caper and carry on.

The Team

Lisa Gaye Wright

Writer / Music / Lyrics

Lisa is, above all things, passionate about musical theatre including all styles of acting and music.
She has previously written and successfully produced Loose Change and Botox Or Bust.
Lisa believes that this, her latest show, is her best yet.

Nick Duncombe – aka Foggy

Nick has been a professional singer for 20 years in various settings including theatre and Winchester Cathedral.  She loves singing in all styles, and particularly excels in comedy roles.  Her most recent role was playing The Lady of the Lake in Spamalot.

Monika Brodowska


Monika graduated in 2014 from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in Greater Manchester.
She has toured theatre nationally in immersive family productions and theatre in education including in Smashed, an award winning global theatre in education project.

Terri Spencer


Terri has been a professional actress and singer since 1996. As an actress she has taken many lead roles including Sibyl in Private Lives and as a singer she regularly performs as Frida from Abba. She also performs with fire, stilts, angle grinders … and snakes!

Grahame Laurence

Music emanuensis

Duncan Trew


Duncan has been directing and performing in musicals for nearly 20 years, including at the GBS theatre at RADA, and Bedlam at the Edinburgh Fringe. Duncan is also a member of Nursery Theatre/Maydays Musical who regularly perform fully improvised musicals

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